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Nick & Allie

David & Elizabeth – Engagement – Louisville, KY


Kreigh & Melissa – Wedding – Frazier History Museum – Louisville, Ky





Ryan & Olivia – Wedding – Chicago, IL

This wedding was such a magical, bustling, exciting wedding. I was so honored to be chosen to come along for the weekend and photograph Ryan and Olivia and they’re great family and friends. I’ll be sure to share more pictures, but for now, here are a few of my favorites.









Ethan & Hailey – Wedding – Crestwood, KY


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Mason & Courtney – Wedding – The Olmsted – Louisville, KY

A quick look into Mason and Courtney’s Wedding day. Rain or shine, we were going to have a good day.


Katie – Wedding Prep – Louisville, Ky

Along with photographing weddings this summer, I had the privilege of being a matron of honor in one of my best friend’s wedding. I took a few shots of Katie before the photographer was with us and couldn’t wait to share them. This girl means the world to me! She and her husband Stedmon are in Disney World this week, and I hope they’re having the time of their lives!



Brian & Brittany – The Gillespie – Louisville, Ky

This summer has been a busy one and it has involved a lot of driving back and forth from Kansas City to Louisville. I am hoping to have more business in Kansas City as time goes on, but I am forever grateful for the people in Louisville who continue to spread my name! Here is a shot from one of my last weddings in Louisville. More to come!




Dylan & Shelley – Wedding – Louisville, Ky

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Kevin & Paige – Wedding – Lebanon, Ky

Kevin and Paige are the cutest. Their love is so obvious. A city girl fell in love with a country boy so much that she followed him to his farm where they now live happily ever after. This wedding was gorgeous and loads of fun. Enjoy!

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