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Kansas City, MO & Louisville, KY Photography

Georgeff Family – Family – Kansas City, MO

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Aaron & Tamaryn – Engagement – Beckley Creek Park – Louisville, Ky


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Kreigh & Melissa – Wedding – Frazier History Museum – Louisville, Ky





Ryan & Olivia – Wedding – Chicago, IL

This wedding was such a magical, bustling, exciting wedding. I was so honored to be chosen to come along for the weekend and photograph Ryan and Olivia and they’re great family and friends. I’ll be sure to share more pictures, but for now, here are a few of my favorites.









Justin & Nickie – Maternity – Beckley Creek Park – Louisville, KY

Meet my best friends, Nickie and Justin. Words cannot express how excited I am about this little baby that will be coming into the world next month! We spent the first day of the year freezing our tooshies off to remember this amazing time. Enjoy!



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Ryan & Olivia – Engagement – Louisville, Ky

How precious are these two?! We had a blast freezing our tooshies off, but seriously, it was a great afternoon. I am so excited about their wedding in Chicago!

Ryan-&-Olivia-06 Ryan-&-Olivia-04 Ryan-&-Olivia-02 Ryan-&-Olivia-05 Ryan-&-Olivia-03 Ryan-&-Olivia-01

Ashley – Portraits – Beckley Creek Park – Louisville, Ky

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Ethan & Hailey – Wedding – Crestwood, KY


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Starr Family – Beckley Creek Park – Louisville, Kentucky

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John & Dana – Minimalist Baker – Kansas City, MO

A couple months ago I was asked to photograph John and Dana of Minimalist Baker for their interview at SouthernWeddings.com. It was SUCH an honor to not only be on Southern Weddings but to be invited into Dana and John’s home and capture their adorable selves. Dana is rocking the food blog world over at Minimalist Baker. Go and check out her recipes HERE. And if you want to see their interview with Southern Weddings, you can find that HERE.

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This woman actually knelt down and posed. Unfortunately I only got her fleeing the scene. Untitled-21 Untitled-23 Untitled-24 Untitled-25