Meet Whitney



Hello! I’m Whitney & I’m so glad you’re here! Here are some things about me…

• I’ve been married to a wonderful, smart, funny, geeky man named Alex since May 21st, 2010. (fun fact: I was technically 19 when I got married)

• We have two adorable puppies named Lilah and Milo

• Alex and I moved to Kansas City for Google Fiber (yes we moved just to have fast internet) in 2013 and have loved it ever since!

• I love cooking, interior design, thrifting, fashion, event planning/decorating, singing, dancing, spending time with my people, hosting & traveling

• I’ve been doing photography for 10 years. I keep things simple. I live for natural light and genuine moments. I try my best to photograph all weddings in a way that when you look back at these pictures, you feel like you are reliving that day all over again. I strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible while in front of my camera.

• One of my favorite things to do is to photograph a family in their home just being together.

• I’m a social butterfly and have never met a stranger, but I also love my alone time.

• I’m a Christ follower and I try to love others like He does.

• wlk are my initials

• My last name is pronounced ka-NOOT-son

I’d love to hear from you! You can either email me, call me, or just click the ‘Contact Whitney’ link above.

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